Trip to LA, Vegan Syle

On a trip to Pasadena this past weekend, we were delighted to find more great vegan food choices than we could sample. The first stop was GreenGo on State Street where we were pleasantly surprised to find an all vegan Mexican restaurant, the first in Santa Barbara. The jack-fruit protein was complemented by incredibly fresh beans, rice, and great salsa and other veggie options. Fantastic.




Then, when in Pasadena to visit the Norton Simon museum we came across the Pizza Plant truck out on the main street, Colorado Street, featuring amazing all plant-based pizza creations.




And this was on our way to an absolutely fabulous restaurant called the Sage Vegan Bistro which has mind-blowing vegan food choices ranging from traditional American to Mexican and Italian fare, all beautifully done. Too many choices. Everything we had was outstanding. Locally sourced. Plant-based. Organic.


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