CCV “Best Of” Awards 2023 & 30 Great Plant-Based Options

We are excited to announce 30 great restaurants and shops in SLO County. Choosing “Best Of” is always difficult and an imperfect art/science. All candidates are great choices and should be considered for a fun time out to eat and enjoy. We used Yelp reviews and a panel of vegans and plant-based consumers to determine our candidates and award winners.

To download a handy PDF file with all candidates and winners along with their website URLs, please click here.

A rundown of the winners is as follows:

Y’Not Organic – Best in SLO County – Pure Plant-Based 

Y’Not Organic is the CCV winner for “Best Pure Plant-Based” cuisine for a number of reasons. Firstly, their creative menu offers options for all kinds of plant-based eaters. Their menu items are delicious and sure to fill you up. What is unique about Y’Not Organic is that all of their ingredients are 100% organic. This attention and care for their locally-sourced ingredients is another reason why Y’Not Organic stands out. Not only is their food absolutely delicious, but it is absent of chemicals and GMOs.


Shine Cafe – Best Healthy Pleasure – Pure Vegan

A Morro Bay staple, Shine Cafe has been feeding the plant-based community of SLO County for over 25 years. Located on one of Morro Bay’s main streets, Shine Cafe offers a creative and delicious array of plant-based options. Their portions are huge and very shareable making their prices a bargain. The staff is very kind and accommodating to dietary restrictions and questions. While their menu is very healthy and full of nutrition, it does not come at the sacrifice of taste. Everything on the menu at Shine Cafe is so flavorful and varied. 


Bliss Cafe – Best Breakfast – Pure Vegan

A local favorite, Bliss Cafe has been serving up plant-based food for over a decade. Located in the heart of San Luis Obispo, Bliss Cafe’s creekside dining is hard to beat. We awarded Bliss Cafe with the “Best Breakfast” because their breakfast buffet is every plant-based eater’s dream. The menu is varied and full of hearty, delicious choices. And yes, we also recommend their lunch menu too, as well as great take-out options. PS: If you bring your own container to the buffet, you receive a discount!


Ziggy’s – Best Guilty Pleasure – Pure Vegan

Ziggy’s offers a creative and delicious menu of all plant-based items. Ziggy’s is unique in that they do not sacrifice taste (or calories) in the name of plant-based eating. Their burgers, taquitos, fries, and milkshakes are all delicious and sure to satisfy your cravings. Stop by at Ziggy’s for hot, fresh, delicious choices in both Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo.


Ebony Ethiopian Cuisine – Best World Cuisine – Pure Vegan

Serving up delicious, vegan, authentic Ethiopian cuisine, Ebony is our “World Cuisine” winner. The locally owned business is bringing Ethiopian culture to SLO County. Their menu is not only plant-based but also gluten-free making it a haven for those with dietary restrictions. Made with love and secret recipes from the owners’ mother, the Ebony Ethiopian Cuisine items are tasty and memorable. This family-owned business is surely making waves in San Luis Obispo. 


Virt Juice – Best Juice Bar – Pure Vegan

Virt Juice is our pick for the best juice bar in SLO County. Offering a completely vegan menu, Virt Juice’s smoothies, bowls, and fresh juices are made from organic and locally grown ingredients. Virt Juice is passionate about providing a place for people to get access to healthy, clean ingredients. Not only are their smoothies delicious but the staff and ambiance are lovely too. Virt Juice is a great place to grab a quick snack or to relax in their sweet indoor seating area.  


The Neighborhood Acai & Juice Bar – Best Quick Eats – Pure Vegan

In a hurry? The Neighborhood Acai & Juice Bar has a great selection of delicious premade plant-based dishes.  With locations in San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles, The Neighborhood will always be able to satisfy. Everything they serve is made fresh, and their menu ranges from sweet tooth smoothies to savory noodle bowls. Be a friendly neighbor, and pop in next time you’re around one of their locations!


SLO Food Co-Op – Best Marketplace – Vegan Options 

SLO Food Co-Op is a great place to grocery shop for those on a plant-based diet or those seeking to incorporate plant-based eating into their lifestyle. SLO Food Co-Op has fresh produce and beautiful locally-made bread. They have a section of the store dedicated to plant-based options like tofu, dairy-free milks, cheeses, ice creams, and plant-based meats. The Co-Op has a wellness room with vitamins, supplements, and refillable household products. All you have to do is come in with your own containers and fill them up with all-natural laundry detergent, soaps, shampoos, cleaners, and more, and then pay by weight. 


Taco Temple – Best Mexican – Vegan Options 

Mexican cuisine is a staple of the Central Coast food scene. It is often hard to find plant-based options when it comes to Mexican food as many of their beans and rice are made using some sort of animal-based fat. However, Taco Temple’s beans and rice are vegan and delicious! The staff is helpful to vegan customers in adapting their menu to provide plant-based options. While their prices are somewhat steep for a half-service Mexican restaurant, Taco Temple’s serving sizes are huge and easily feed two people. Burritos make excellent leftovers! 


Red Scooter Deli – Best on a Budget – Vegan Options 

Located in the heart of Paso Robles on their main square, Red Scooter Deli is a local favorite. This town staple offers an entire vegan menu with something for everyone. Red Scooter Deli offers plenty of options for plant-based eaters at very reasonable prices. What sets Red Scooter Deli apart from other sandwich shops and restaurants with vegan options, is that they have an entire menu dedicated to plant-based eaters. We highly recommend getting their sandwiches and vegan potato salad to-go and picnicking in the beautiful park/town square just across the street. 


Hidden Kitchen – Best Date Spot – Vegan Options 

As a plant-based eater, it can be difficult to find places to take friends or to take someone on a date. Finding items that work for you and your partner proves to be a challenge. Hidden Kitchen, with locations in Cayucos and Cambria, is the perfect place to take someone on a date. Their delicious vegan options are sure to make everyone happy. Where Hidden Kitchen truly wins, is in their unique ambiance, decor, and staff. If you want to impress someone with a fun, casual experience by the ocean, take them to Hidden Kitchen!


SLODoCo – Best Sweet Tooth – Vegan Options 

Anyone living in San Luis Obispo knows that SLODoCo is the place to go for your donut needs. This old-school donut shop is a local establishment and a favorite among Cal Poly students. SLODoCo offers several vegan and gluten-free donut options to any plant-based eater looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. 


Linnea’s – Best Atmosphere – Vegan Options 

Hidden behind an unassuming facade, Linnea’s Cafe garden and seating area found at the back of their cozy coffee shop is the perfect place to relax, read, get work done, and enjoy their delicious espresso and menu items. The ambiance of Linnea’s back garden is conducive to a peaceful lifestyle. Found in the heart of San Luis Obispo’s downtown, Linnea’s feels like an oasis with its trickling water features which provide a home for their well-loved koi fish. A veranda that supports lush vines gives the main outdoor seating area the perfect amount of cool shade while still allowing dapples of sunshine to filter through. Whether you are at Linnea’s to get work done or enjoy a peaceful lunch, Linnea’s Cafe is the perfect choice when you need an escape. 

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