Act to End Factory Farming – Support AB 2764

TAKE ACTION along with the Central Coast Vegans who want to see the end of all animal farming. This bill will at least place a moratorium on the construction and expansion of factory farms and large slaughterhouses.

The expansion of industrial animal agriculture in California is inconsistent with our state’s position as a leader on animal welfare and environmental issues. With AB 2764, we have the opportunity to mitigate the environmental harm and public health risks posed by industrial animal agriculture, and to create a more humane food system in California. Let’s lead the way.

ACTION: Write to the CA Assembly Committee on Agriculture in SUPPORT of AB2764.
The bill text can be viewed here.

Submit your position by going to the CA Assembly Agriculture Committee PORTAL:

  1. Scroll down on right side to “SUBMIT POSITION LETTER”
  2. There you logon or register. Super easy.
  3. Once you’re logged in, on the left side you’ll type in AB2764. From there, on the right side, you’ll click SUPPORT, and write a quick sentence (or more) and submit.

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