Legislative Update – Peggy Koteen

An Unprecedented Year 

In 2019, a number of animal-friendly bills were passed in the CA legislature and signed by the Governor. Twenty years ago, these bills would have been laughed out of the state Assembly and Senate. However, this year both passed by large margins. This isn’t to say that there wasn’t the cruel animal industry lobbying hard to defeat them. In 2020, Central Coast Vegans will continue to alert you to some of the most significant legislation and hope we can count on you to continue to make phone calls and send emails to ensure more bills supporting our animal friends pass. Here are two significant bills that have become law.

★AB 44 (Friedman) – Fur product ban

Beginning January 1, 2023, California will become the first state in the nation to ban fur products from coming into the state. The law prohibits the sale or transfer of articles of clothing, fashion accessories, keychains, toys or trinkets, and home accessories and decor, that are made in whole or in part of fur.

★SB 313 (Ben Hueso) – Wild animals in circuses

Prohibits the sponsorship or operation of circuses in California that use animals other than a domestic dog, domestic cat, or domesticated horse, and prohibits a person from exhibiting animals in circuses.


  1. Terre Dunivant Reply

    Great news! Thank you to Peggy and everyone who has been campaigning for many years to enact these laws.

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