Legislative Update – Smart Climate Agriculture Program: plant-based agriculture

There are two bills to support right now. Please take action by following the links below.
1. AB-1289 Smart Climate Agriculture Program: plant-based agriculture-  Support this bill which will provide grants to small or midsize farms to transition the use of the land from raising livestock or growing feed crops to plant-based agriculture.  AB-1289 is headed for Common Agriculture in the CA Assembly.  Please, immediately go to https://agri.assembly.ca.gov/ and click on the SUBMIT POSITION.
2. SB-376 Requires the Dept of Fish and Wildlife to suspend the importation of wild animal species that would introduce a novel zoonotic disease, UPDATE: Congrats to all of you who wrote because you helped this bill move to the next committee hearing- Comm on Public Safety.  If you haven’t written in support of SB-376., please do so now.  https://apsf.assembly.ca.gov/committeehome Click on the SUBMIT POSITION.

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