New Michael Moore film review: Planet of the Humans…disappoints

I watched Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans and applaud this film for pointing out “greenwashing” associated with biomass energy production. Beyond that, this is an extremely sloppy movie based on shoddy science.

Fist, I wish they could have included factory animal agriculture as a root issue, especially since it represents 25% of GHG emissions (World Resources Institute). Factory ag is also driving rain forest/biodiversity destruction well beyond what energy is contributing and it never came up in the film.

Next, the film offers no recommendations on what to do. With animal ag, EVERYONE can do something about it: stop eating animals. Doing so ends the pandemic problem, brings CO2 / methane gas levels down substantially, allows our fish to recover from the 90% loss mentioned, leads to vastly healthier humans and tastes great. Yet we don’t talk about it. Even here. I know the filmmakers said they would address solutions next…well I hope this includes animal ag in the discussion soon. We don’t have time for those who simply like to complain.

Finally, there’s so much presented in this movie that’s way, way off with respect to science and the current state of solar and battery energy storage technology. See this rebuttal for a detailed critique:

Watch the full movie “Planet of the Humans” here –>

Then also watch this excellent piece “Debunking the Top 10 Myths of Electric Cars & Renewable Energy!” which explains what should have been addressed in Planet of the Humans.

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