“Regenerative Grazing” the New “Clean Coal”?

Via Planetary Vegan:

The term “regenerative grazing” has become prominent in recent times. The development may indicate that relevant livestock sector participants have increased their PR efforts in response to extensive criticism of the sector’s devastating environmental record.

Proponents appear to have characteristics in common with those who promote so-called “clean coal“. [1]

Firstly, the claimed benefits appear to be greatly exaggerated, with inadequate consideration of the negative consequences.

Secondly, proponents generally come from within the sector.

Finally, like many who promote fossil fuel use generally, proponents of so-called “regenerative grazing” tend to demean peer-reviewed science to the extent that it does not support their position.

This article comments on three who are promoting such methods and presents material that challenges their position.

Read the full article here: https://planetaryvegan.net/2019/02/27/is-regenerative-grazing-the-new-clean-coal/

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