Adopt-A-High School

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Adopt-A-High School

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One of the most important groups of people are our children and young people. They are our future! At Central Coast Vegans we have been working together for nearly ten years discovering the rapid rise in children and young people choosing to go vegan for several reasons. First, it is much easier for children and young people to access information with information spreading so rapidly. We also see parenting shifting to allowing children and young people to make their own choices. Also available are easily accessible and tasty vegan options in grocery stores and restaurants.

Our Adopt-A-High school program supports young people in high schools in North Santa Barbara county and San Luis Obispo Counties by being a resource for young people who wish to become vegan, are interested in becoming vegan or would like to work with animals. We have two experienced volunteers at each high school on the Central Coast to support the students and be a resource for them or advisors for their school club.

There are four farm animal sanctuaries on the Central Coast where children and young people can interact with farm animals. Scheduled tours and regular volunteering can be arranged. We can create a wonderful experience for children and young people to get to know farm animals that have been abandoned and rescued from sometimes unthinkable situations. We are experts in providing caring homes and loving all of our farm animal residents!

The Adopt-A-High School program can also provide an alternative program to the current 4H and FFA animal agriculture programs for children and young adults who would rather develop a potential life long relationship with a farm animal.


Central Coast Vegans