Vegan Potluck Series

UU Vegan Potluck Series – Proposed 6-Month Calendar – Hosted by Central Coast Vegans

May 21st – (Environment Topic)Climate Reality Project Talk and Discussion– This program will feature members of the SLO organization Climate Reality Project for a lively discussion about how plant based living translates into saving our climate.

Post-EventAction Participation Opportunity:We’ll also invite folks to attend an environmental action planned by a local environmental group to help inform the public about both environmental concerns from a vegan perspective. See slide show from the presentation online here:

June 18th – (Animals Topic) Future Farmers of America Survivor Stories and Potluck–This program will feature first hand experiences from three high school students directly affected by the FFA organization’s practices. We’ll also show the trailer from the film on this topic called So Give Me an F.

Post-EventAction Participation Opportunity: Attend a respectful demonstration at the Fairgrounds at the Santa Barbara County Fair (in Santa Maria) or Mid-State Fairin Paso Robles.

July 16th – (Health Topic) Vegan Options in the Sandwich Industry –This program will feature a new CCV business member, Ike’s Sandwiches, to learn about what’s happening in the vegan sandwich business along with clips from The End of Meat movie.

Post-EventAction Participation Opportunity:Attend a respectful demonstration at the Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles.

August 20th – (Environment Topic)–Animal Ag Impact on the CA Environment –This program will feature a talk and discussion about the dairy industry and its impact on water in CA. We’ll also include information about the combined carbon footprint of animal agriculture in the state of CA and what could be saved in terms of greenhouse gas emissions if every person in the state went vegan.

Post-EventAction Participation Opportunity:Learn to make your own nut-based milk and share with others. We’ll provide great “how to” instruction videos.

September 17th – (Animal Topic) –What Is Species-ism? With Joe Lynch–This program will feature Profession Joe Lynch, expert in the philosophical “blind spot” humans have created in their relationship with animals we share the planet with.

Post-EventAction Participation Opportunity:We’ll also invite folks to join us at the next Thursday Farmer’s Market for an opportunity to help educate the public about the plight of farmed animals.

October 15th (Health Topic)– Basic Dietary Needs for Optimal Vegan Health– This program will feature Caroline Israel who will talk about the importance of beans in your diet along with other fundamental fuels for an optimal health outcome with a vegan diet. Certified by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, she will talk about general nutrition and bring great nutrition bars.

Post-EventAction Participation Opportunity:Make it a point to let a local restaurant know you prefer vegan options on their menu. We’ll provide suggestions for how to support a local restaurant in supporting vegans.

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